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General Cargo

Air General Cargo

Can undertake household items, electronic equipment or instruments, torches, glow sticks, toolboxes, vaccines, aircraft spare parts/aircraft equipment, respirators, camping/hiking equipment, diving equipment, chemicals, auto parts , official goods , consignment goods, cryogenic liquefied gases, gas cylinders, dental equipment, diagnostic specimens, drilling and mine equipment, frozen containers,  electrical equipment, adventure equipment, photography and media equipment, frozen embryos, frozen fruits, vegetables, fuel, hot air balloons, instruments, laboratory test equipment, mechanical parts, magnetic and others Similar materials, medical supplies, metal building materials/metal pipes/metal fences, passenger luggage, pharmaceuticals, photographic equipment, racing or motorcycle equipment, refrigerators, repair kits, samples for inspection, performances, film and stage special effects equipment, Swimming pool chemicals, etc.  You can depend on CNS for all your electronics shipping or medical equipment transport wants.

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