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Financial Service

Financial Service

CNS intertrans has strong financial strength, providing medium and short-term financing for the majority of partners, helping customers with difficult capital turnover to solve financing problems, advancing funds, short-term financing, accelerating capital turnover and improving corporate competitiveness; CNS intertrans has a good bank Credit, internal perfect credit risk assessment mechanism, experienced trade finance experts, standardized operation procedures, promptly help the majority of partners to advance payment, advance payment of taxes, on behalf of open/collected letters of credit, import and export bills, etc. Difficulties; help the majority of partners to avoid the loss of foreign exchange settlement in international trade settlement, and reduce the risk of exchange.


Professional Financial Service Area:


Open/delivery letter of credit;


Import and export bills;




Customs duty, value added tax;


Support multiple settlement methods (L/C, D/P, D/A, O/A);


Zero payment on the way, other financial value-added services;


Advance export tax rebate, export loan financing, advance import tariff.

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