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About the airlines 'blacklist' set is not reasonable

by:CNS     2020-08-17
About the airlines 'blacklist' set unreasonable & other; The blacklist & throughout; A word from the university of Oxford and Cambridge, the university is famous in the early middle ages. The school rules, students name and deeds should be guilty of misconduct record in the black book. After being used in the British businessman to punish those who owe money to customers, often don't obey the contract don't trust the credit. Then, all walks of life are rise & other; The blacklist & throughout; 。 In our life, & other; The blacklist & throughout; Also widely used. Blacklist, for example, mobile phones and QQ blacklist, E-mail list, etc. The nca, the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly crack down on Internet piracy as the main goal of & other; Sword net action throughout the &; Also established the piracy website & other; The blacklist & throughout; System for board & other; The blacklist & throughout; Website, telecom operators may not provide access and operations for its services. In Shanghai, the international aviation air freight company, according to the set time and transportation relationship between order, & other; The blacklist & throughout; Can be divided into two kinds of, set up in advance and set up afterwards. After setting up & other The blacklist & throughout; The passengers to disrupt the flight, on the order, such as not comply with the safety rules, threat in flight at flight crew or other passengers. The United States, the Netherlands, France and other state-owned similar practices. “ 9. 11. ' After the incident, represented by the United States, Canada, countries have adopted to set up the passenger list in advance, will be a potential threat to aviation security blacklist, to prevent them from physical threat. In China, the carrier will generally have accounted for machine, take 'to beat and scold, riot, staff, and disrupt the operation order excesses list of passenger no-fly, refused to sell tickets, commonly known as & other; The blacklist & throughout; 。 Spring airlines & other; No ability to service throughout the passenger &; List system began in 2007. That year on July 19, due to dalian airport weather, spring airlines - Shanghai Dalian flight delays, dozens of passengers to take this opportunity to pay damages. Occupation time from 19 14:14 5:30 to next day. As long as 15 hours 16 minutes. The incident caused by the spring and autumn airlines flight delays, 690 passengers delayed about 5 hours, more than 1000 passengers delay 1 - 3 hours, and bring the spring and autumn airlines more than $100000 in economic losses. In this event, after the completion of the spring and autumn airlines listed first on & other; No ability to service throughout the passenger &; The passengers. We believe that & other; Contract law & throughout; The provisions of article 289 of the is in certain social environment and the product of the legislation, the understanding of which can not only stay on the literal expression of provision itself, but more should grasp the spiritual essence. Domestic airlines under certain conditions the implementation & other; The blacklist & throughout; System is not only legal, but reasonable, is not in violation of the provisions of article two hundred and eighty-nine of the 'contract law'.
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