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Air cargo goods passenger and cargo aircraft in what are the differences?

by:CNS     2020-07-23
Air cargo goods passenger and cargo aircraft in what are the differences? At present, in general, the aviation goods generally there are two ways, one is the air cargo goods, is a kind of with aircraft belly space available. Each international airlines is equipped with different total cargo and passenger plane. Airliner in plain English is completely used for manned aircraft, that is to say, people tend to take flight. Sometimes aircraft also has other aircraft warehouse, but because the interior space is limited warehouse only about 150 cubic, but the key is to baggage and transport bulk goods. Cargo aircraft used to transport goods transport aircraft, cargo aircraft generally refers to business service civilian aviation freight transport aircraft. When manufacturing has been into a cargo. Aircraft as cargo. Remove the chair and machine in the public service facilities such as dining-room kitchen, install guide rail cargo need equipment such as, namely into a cargo. At present, professional design for freight logistics civilian aircraft also very few. Most cargo by retired aircraft modification, such as fedex, UPS, DHL Germany many cargo shipping company and other large freight business. Passenger and cargo on board half for tourists to take, second half for the cargo. Air cargo goods passenger and cargo aircraft in what are the differences? A passenger aircraft, cargo dimension can go small cargo, passenger loading capacity is small, to boot, small goods scattered ark can take into account the aircraft cargo can pick up the batch and cargo aircraft cargo capacity bigger, wooden card board, air box choose cargo more large objects such as goods. Two doors, doors design idea on the design concept of very different, aircraft more check doors and escape hatch, cargo is configured with the boarding gate, less in its place is a big cargo door, spread around before and after each period of cargo, and lower cargo compartment, above the door 2 meters in height to width ratio, total more than 3 meters wide for loading goods. Three, goods transportation passenger baggage in the trunk bikes from terminal to the helipad, again from luggage transport and cars will luggage onto the plane, luggage bikes will be subject to security check luggage transport to the plane helipads work areas, ground crew transportation according to the conveyor belt will boot into warehouse and fixed under the plane. All cargo aircraft engine compartment to store the goods in loading level and passenger differ, cargo loading of the goods lift flat wagon key applications, to transport the goods to door height to width ratio, rollers on the service platform will goods to the aircraft engine compartment.
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