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Air express what request for packing?

by:CNS     2020-07-26
Air express what request for packing? Effective packaging, is the key to ensure the air cargo goods safety during the whole process, for everyone here is blossoming airfreight the whole logistics process stipulation about the packing, if must be a lot of help, can contact the personnel of the service enterprises. A, moderate packaging Q: what is a moderate amount of packaging? A: the fine packing can make goods from pickup to reach stand intact. 2. Don't moderate packaging ( The following for not accept packaging) Belt and rope, not waterproof tape, repeatedly used in the small box or small boxes, styrofoam, there is no built-in maintenance, no packaging XiSuo objects, hand carry bags, luggage, already get damp or damaged packaging. Built-in maintenance if cyst move when internal sound out, should check the inner packing, determine if the internal packaging can maintain sending objects can be free from the impact or destroy, can carry out air express delivery. Laminated glass objects goblet or fiberglass products should be some packaging before loading into a small box. Some packaging used prevent slippery until the bubble membrane, cyst completely before you can put inside the small box. Or can also can be used and some goods itself begins stationary styrofoam as the packaging of goods, in order to maintain easily broken objects. XiSuo objects nut, anchor bolt, small steel nails, screws, etc should be bold linen cyst, add the solid solid packing box. So even if the appearance damage, objects can also be placed in detail in the sack.
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