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by:CNS     2021-07-09
Air transportation 2021-06-20 16:48:32 Air transportation is also known as aircraft transportation. It is a mode of transportation that uses airplanes as a means of transportation for cargo transportation under the conditions of air lines and airports. In my country's transportation industry, air transportation accounts for a relatively small proportion of the national transportation volume. At present, it mainly undertakes long-distance passenger transportation tasks. With the rapid development of the logistics industry, air transportation will play an important role in freight transportation. The United States Express and United Parcel Airline Company are leaders in the global logistics field. Through air transportation, they have the ability to deliver goods from aviation hubs to various regions of the world within a day. This is very attractive to companies whose products are expensive and have strict requirements on time. The main advantage of air transportation is that it is very fast, but the disadvantage is that the transportation cost is quite high. Investment quotas and transportation costs are relatively high. Fixed costs include large amounts of funds for opening up routes, building airports, and airport maintenance; variable costs are also relatively high, mainly due to the high expenditures on fuel, pilot salaries, and aircraft maintenance. Big. As for the scope of application of air transportation, there are no special regulations. As long as companies can obtain reasonable returns from high-cost transportation, they may adopt air transportation. For example, if the product is expensive and easily damaged; or the market sales cycle is particularly short (flowers, seafood, fashion clothing, etc.), in order to ensure that the product is sold nationwide, the form of aviation can be used. In addition, the advantage of fast air transportation is difficult to play in short-distance transportation.
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