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Air freight advantage is that can not be restricted by terrain to the destination

by:CNS     2020-07-28
Air advantage is that can not be restricted by terrain destination Shanghai air freight is also called the plane transport, it is in the airline and the airport conditions, using the plane as the means of transport cargo transportation mode of transportation. Air transport in the transportation industry in our country, the freight volume accounts for the proportion of traffic is relatively small, mainly to undertake long-distance passenger transport task, along with the rapid development of logistics, air transport will play an important role in terms of the freight. Airlines flight transportation methods mainly include transportation, charter transportation, consolidation and air express business. Air transport companies to use the natural channel, the sky is not restricted by geographical conditions. For the ground conditions traffic inconvenience inland areas are very appropriate, is conducive to the export of local resources, promote the development of local economy. Aviation logistics express transportation make local and world is linked together, the external radiating surface is broad, and aviation logistics express transportation compared to road transport and railway transport occupation of land area is very suitable for development of foreign traffic is less. Shanghai air is also called the international at present in our country, the operation of regional flights is point-to-point, wide coverage, low frequency, low efficiency of traditional regional development operation mode, due to the regional aircraft acquisition cost is high, the flight short feeder, allocation to each seat kilometers up the JiangFei, ground service, flight fees and fuel costs are higher than line. Making the airline feeder often operating loss, difficult to sustainable development.
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