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Air freight company must solve four problems

by:CNS     2020-07-22
Air cargo companies must solve four problems of air freight in a good environment, under the continuing performance and optimistic outlook still faces challenges. From constantly changing global trade tensions to withstand digital continuous pressure, the following four key logistics will become the airline important problems must be solved in the New Year. Electronic air waybill on January 1, 2019, in 2010 launched the first electronic air waybill ( e- 运单号) Later, e - AWB will be all the air freight company's contract of carriage by default. The purpose of this action is to accept the entire digital process in aviation supply chain. Although the necessary changes help eliminate inefficiencies, industry further delivery delays and paper and costly mistakes caused by manual process, but it also brought an overnight solve bigger challenge. In short, supply chain stakeholders need to be able to communicate effectively not only, still need to get accurate information in a timely manner. Therefore, data quality and data timeliness soon become the most concern, it has become a support mandatory digital technology. Security declaration from the point of view of safety, more and more countries now require airlines to the customs and/or border control authorities to provide advanced information about the goods. Has the function of state realized earlier access to the information they need and has better data quality. Therefore, the air cargo service ( ACAS) ( Or, more generally, preloading business information, PLACI) ) Measures have been introduced and become a compulsory measures. Related to security declaration, however, the biggest challenge may be to understand the international customs agency from this month to the next month need clearance information. Although export customs may communicate with domestic companies, but the supply chain partners and its suppliers are often too busy to meet new or upcoming clearance requirements. Mail shipping the new requirements of freight forwarders must determine how to access to the required information from the mail system can be used in the environment of complete security statement. In addition, the need to be in a uniform way to provide customs declaration, cargo and mail transportation the goods need to airlines and closer cooperation between mail system. Of international e-commerce e-commerce excess while booming good for air cargo, but huge Numbers of e-commerce package, brought new challenges to domestic and international freight. Air freight is undergoing major transformation, at the same time, need to increase freight cost efficiency and speed. Despite these challenges, but the technology is still help enterprises to realize the process automation, simplify compliance requirements, achieve a new level of data quality as well as the key to share information with air freight partners. In order to make the industry continue to modernization, the processes and systems must also keep up with the pace of change.
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