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Air freight have been slow to develop, to the carrier's business model

by:CNS     2020-07-23
Air freight is slow development, related to its business model of the carrier & other; A passenger cargo & throughout; How to make money? In view of the & other A passenger cargo & throughout; Epidemic disease prevention rescue convoys, general is according to cost price, not on the money the pneumonia outbreak period, but for the whole transport transport, apart from epidemic prevention emergency supplies, has all the normal customer order information goods, such as high technology components, skin care products, such as e-commerce, the market sales positions at will, in accordance with the market price. Because the previous application of civil aircraft belly space transport capacity due to the suspension of flights around the world, the whole transport sales market price is already higher than the above two times than the previous year. This is actually the present stage all & other; A passenger cargo & throughout; The current situation of the shipper. For there is no fixed freight logistics international airline customers, with the civil aviation passenger transport can decrease costs, stop field after fly also can cover the variable cost, even if not to make much profit, also than to make a lot of civil aircraft parked in the airport in the sun much stronger. And against a stationary freight logistics and customer service ability of technical professional cargo airline companies, said at this stage can actually enter into the spring. Except epidemic prevention emergency supplies of transport demand will continue at least until June, many customers all normal order information, but also because pneumonia outbreak delayed 3 - 6 months, estimated after repair in pneumonia outbreak will have a wave of blowout delivery requirements. By contrast, China's air logistics enterprises what? First appears to be a set of data released by the civil aviation administration information. At present, in our country can only 173 all transport plane ( The United States has more than 550) , only 4 of in our country civil aviation transport aircraft. 5%, in our country at present that conveyor (10 enterprises Including state-owned six, the PPP mode 4) , compared with 55 international airlines, the market share is very small. Air cargo logistics tends to lag behind, the operation mode of the shipper between related: traditional airlines cargo logistics business process key depends on the client to seek goods sales, customers in the hands of forwarder company, they gained is right in the middle price difference, traditional airlines take a large number of stages just transport, cross-border e-commerce not only failed to enjoy total import and export of steady growth year after year earnings, but encounter & other Decade nine losses throughout the &; The embarrassment. In the United States, all cargo owners are mainly express logistics bosses, they immediately deal with the customer, in addition also has the initiative and door to door all steps of the service ability, in the cost management and transport capacity and the control of the Internet has a strong initiative. It is not hard to see, will grasp in own hand, primary source and customers more critical than there are a large number of the conveyor, and this also is many express company bosses and traditional air cargo already hard bearing.
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