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Air Shaanxi Express

by:CNS     2021-07-08
Air Shaanxi Express 2021-06-20 17:03:58 Air express is a cooperation between an express company and an airline, responsible for delivering documents, samples, small parcels and other express items to the consignee in the earliest flight or the fastest way A new form of transportation organization. This is the fastest form of transportation, especially suitable for the transportation of various urgently needed items and documents. The main business forms of air express are as follows. 1) Pick up at home. This is the most common form of service used by air express companies. First, the sender will call the courier company when needed. After receiving the notification, the courier company will send someone to pick up the parcel, and then gather all the received express parcels, sorting, sorting, and making orders according to their destinations. After customs declaration, delivery, and arrival at the destination, the local branch will handle customs clearance and delivery procedures, and deliver it to the recipient. During this period, customers can also rely on the computer network of the express company to check the location of the express at any time. After the express is delivered, the information can also be fed back to the sender through the computer network in time. 2) Door to airport. Compared with the previous service method, the door-to-airport service means that after the express arrives at the destination airport, the express company does not go through customs clearance, pick-up procedures and deliver to the recipient's hands, but the express company informs the recipient to go. Go through the relevant procedures. This method is mostly used for goods or articles for which the customs authorities have special regulations. 3) Delivered by hand. Hand-delivered means that the courier company assigns someone to carry the express and deliver the express directly to the recipient in the shortest time. This is a special service that is rarely used. Comparing the above service forms, the door-to-airport form is more troublesome for customers; dedicated delivery is the most reliable and safest, and at the same time the highest cost; and the door-to-door pickup service is between the above two, suitable for most express delivery . This article is from 868 reprinted please keep
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