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Air transport cost calculation from which a few respects

by:CNS     2020-07-12
Air transport cost calculation from which a few aspects dealing with the international air cargo transportation. Top limit of liability of the carrier for $20 per kilogram of gross weight or equivalent. Take greater liability limit, if required by the shipper to the carrier must be declared value for delivery of the goods and pay for the declared value surcharge. Packing conform to the requirements of air transport packaging: namely, under the condition of normal operation, the goods guarantee the intact to arrive. The shipper must according to the shape of the goods, weight and requirements well packed the goods transported by air. Do not use straw bags, gunny, packaging materials such as straw rope. How to calculate & other; Random air transport & throughout; Air transport costs? Clear the responsibility of the shipper and the carrier's responsibility. The shipper must conform to the relevant country of origin of the goods delivery, transit countries and in countries' laws and regulations and all the transport requirements of the air. The shipper shall be in accordance with the customs, quarantine and other government regulations and goods in and out, transportation all formalities. The shipper is responsible for providing the documents and information related to transportation, and the correctness and completeness of the documents and information provided by the responsible. How to calculate & other; Random air transport & throughout; Air transport costs? Agency fee can not be paid part: first, the port of destination should be agent of our company, Can place an order by staff query) 。 Second, Beijing to the port of destination can be used to accept freight paid to foreign transport order, cannot satisfy the above two conditions. One of the port of destination does not accept the domestic freight to pay, but the discussion is based on the port of destination countries. The costs of air transport algorithm. Weight: the airline regulations, when the goods is small in size, weight, according to the actual weight; When the goods volume and weight of the hour, by volume. In the consolidation, a batch of goods is composed of several different kinds of goods, and heavy goods and goods. Chargeable weight by the total weight of the whole batch of goods of high or total volume weight. Minimum freight: is airlines processing of a batch of goods are the lowest freight. Regardless of weight or volume of goods transport between two points in a batch of goods should be charged by the minimum amount. The minimum transportation cost is different in different areas. How to calculate & other; Random air transport & throughout; Air transport costs? Other freight regulations: all kinds of different of the cost of air freight rates and have the following in common: freight from one airport to another airport. It applies only to a single direction, do not include other additional fees, such as delivery, customs clearance, delivery and storage costs. Freight is usually published in local currency, usually in kilograms or pounds freight. Air waybill is the freight bill of lading on the day of the applicable shipping charges.
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