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Air transport has any mode of transport!

by:CNS     2020-07-11
Air transport has any mode of transport! Air transport is an important part of modern logistics, to provide safe, fast, convenient and high quality service. Main flights transportation, charter transportation, consolidation and air express business. Air freight cargo in timeliness and transport requirement is very strict, and the smuggling and special cargo transportation requires strict control. A. Freight form air freight can be roughly divided into general general cargo transportation, express transportation, cargo transportation, charter transportation, express delivery. 1. General cargo transport general cargo means that the shipper has no special requirements. The carrier and the civil aviation authorities have no special provisions. The goods in accordance with the general transportation process, with the basic price for the goods transportation. 2. Urgent transportation dispatch transportation refers to the goods must be sent within 24 hours, the consignee is eager to get the goods. Dispatch of the goods freight is 1 ordinary goods. 5 times. Airlines to give priority to dispatch the goods transport. 3. Air express carrier organization flight attendant is responsible for as soon as possible, the fastest will be Courier delivery to the consignee. The carrier can be express airlines, air company or special Courier company. There are three kinds of expression way, a kind of from the airport to the airport, the consignee at the airport, etc. The second is door to door delivery service, the carrier from the shipper and take delivery of the goods at the specified time delivery of the goods directly. The consignee address; The third is the special shipping Courier. Express transportation safety, quick and accurate. At present, it has become an important part of the air freight. Most of the traffic was conducted through the second way. Transport of goods mainly files, samples and small package. The Courier charge relatively expensive. Usually, the price is calculated according to the distance. In addition to the freight, also increased the freight and ground transportation. 4. Special transportation using air transport some have special requirements on the transportation of goods, known as special transportation or special cargo transportation. 5. Charter transportation refers to the charter and the carrier contract, machine tonnage chartered by people make full use of. Charter tonnage include seat on board and freight tonnage, the maximum load and transport the goods to meet the requirements of the flight safety and the relevant provisions of the civil aviation administration, charter billing according to the mileage calculation, if the aircraft from other airports were, on the way back when no other tasks to collect machine cost. Machine fee charge according to the mileage, adjustable machine pricing range including tuning machine mileage and return. 2. Special cargo type 1. Species and biological products; 2. Bodies and ashes; 3 live animals; 4. Fresh perishable items; 5. The valuables; 6. Control items of weapons and ammunition; 7. Dangerous goods.
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