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Air transport in the advantages and disadvantages of the freight

by:CNS     2020-07-14
Advantages and disadvantages of air transport in freight know about the air transport in our country, mainly responsible for the long-distance passenger transport, freight volume accounted for the proportion of the national freight volume increased year by year. Our country civilian aircraft models including Boeing 737, Boeing 747, Boeing 757, Boeing 767, MD - 18, 82, il - 146 - B, trigeminal, 12, 124, 7 and short 360 etc. Air transport is rapid, safe, but expensive. Transport by plane for the goods produced by vibration and impact is small, so you just need to simply packaging transport goods, package materil fewer accidents. Usually, the air transport company there are two main types of goods: a, goods transport time is limited, such as flowers and fresh food such as seafood, such as disaster relief emergency items, fashion and other popular goods; Secondly, the high value and freight liable for the goods of great ability. Such as precious metals, jewelry, watches, cameras, artwork and other precious goods, not suitable for low price goods and the transportation of bulk cargo. In addition, because the plane transportation need airport facilities, in the absence of the airport, therefore, cannot use air transport way. A. The advantage of air transport, 1) Transport speed. Air transport than other modes of transportation is much faster, making it has significant advantage in the long and short-distance transport. Air transport of high speed is beneficial to reduce inventory levels and accelerate cash flow. ( 2) Can improve the ability of the owner rapid response to the market. In today's market competition is fierce, fast air transport services to the owner to be able to react according to market information rapidly, marketable products and occupy the market. ( 3) Simplify packing and reduce the damage to the goods. Smooth plane in the air flight, landing and suspension system. Goods are not affected by external force too much, so you can simply packing to transport the goods. In addition, the aviation transportation safety accurate, accident rate is low, small damage to the goods, insurance costs are low. ( 4) Without being limited by the topography and strong maneuverability. Compared with motor transport, rail transport and water transport, air plane rarely subject to the conditions of landform, and restricted by route conditions are much smaller. ( 5) Any time except the fog and snow, the airlines can provide reliable transport service. 2. The downside of air transport, 1) High freight. Air transport cost is much higher than other methods, this is the biggest drawback of air transport. ( 2) The bearing capacity of the co. , LTD. Air transport capacity in the very great degree is limited by the size of the cargo hold and capacity of aircraft. However, with the introduction of large aircraft, this restriction is more and more small. ( 3) Poor usability. When you are away from the airport, must rely on the car to send the goods to the airport or pickup from the airport.
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