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Air transport of dangerous goods shipping requirements

by:CNS     2020-07-29
Air transport of dangerous goods shipper asked to Shanghai air freight offer to the specific requirements of the packaging must conform to the international air transport association. In general, the number of dangerous goods shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions in the corresponding container, and seal the firm. Containers should be able to prevent the transport process caused by the changing environmental conditions the contents of explosion, fire, loss and leakage. Shanghai air dangerous goods packaging and synthetic packaging parts has to be made by the shipper in English on the labeling of dangerous goods transportation is special name, the serial number of dangerous goods, the shipper and the consignee name and address, if necessary, but also indicate the dangerous goods, the weight of the purposes, the matters of attention in the transportation. In the case of can collector, freight staff can start to fill the waybill. The shipper must contact the tonnage control room in advance and finalize the entire space. By air to ensure that the goods ready to fully comply with the provisions of the international, national and China cargo airlines.
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