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Air transport of goods freight system

by:CNS     2020-05-14
Air cargo freight system negotiated freight rate refers to the airlines signed an agreement with the shipper, the shipper guarantee deliveries to airlines a certain quantity of goods each year, airlines is to provide a certain number of freight from the shipper. The freight airlines is used currently is mostly negotiated freight rate, but in the negotiated freight rate according to the different way of agreement for the following segment: long-term agreement short-term package board ( Tank) Die package board ( Tank) Soft package board ( Tank) Sales return sales return free sales also calls the bargaining cargo or a ticket price, IATA IATA ocean freight is refers to the IATA in TACT released data on ocean freight. International cargo freight using IATA rate manual & ndash; — TACT RATES BOOK, combining and obey the rules of the international transport of goods & ndash; — TACT RULES in common use. In accordance with the IATA cargo freight released in the form of division, international cargo freight released can be divided into direct and non direct ocean freight pricing principle of air transport quantity discount principle with the increase of shipping weight, freight is lower, this is actually use the principle of quantity discount in the pricing principle, by this principle, ensure the shipping space is full of goods. May see from the above Beijing to Seoul, 45 kg freight is 18 yuan/kg, 100 kg of the freight rate is 17. 17 yuan/kg, 300 kg of freight is 15. 38 yuan/kg. The greater the weight, the lower the freight. The distance factor this is a basic factor, the longer the distance of freight is higher. This is because the longer the distance, the greater the consumption of transportation, so the freight is higher. According to the nature of the goods price in the international air transport association according to the nature of the product is divided into on the basis of general freight rate and additional freight add, for example: for live animals, ashes, coffin, fresh perishable goods, valuables, dispatch and other goods to take the form of additional, for the carriage of goods by books and magazines, as luggage to take the form of add. Throughout most of the existing freight has two main features: rate is a function of weight and distance; Also, considering the different transport goods, that is, different goods, the freight is also have difference. Domestic air cargo freight system of our country civil aviation system in China from September 1, 1998, to keep the original domestic routes rate system has made the adjustment and modification, execution, according to the new freight rate structure is: the lowest freight ( Code M) The lowest freight per ticket domestic air cargo for 30 yuan. General cargo freight general cargo rate include foundation cut-off rate and weight rate. Base rate for 45 kg each of the following general cargo freight rate ( Code N) Rate, a flat rate as stipulated in the Civil Aviation Administration of China is carried out. More than 45 kg weight cut-off rate, general cargo freight rate ( Code Q) Stipulated by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, according to the standard rate of 80%. In addition, the airline company can according to the characteristics of the operating course, set up other weight cut-off rate, total flight routes by operating airlines consultation agreement, the Civil Aviation Administration of China for approval. Grade cargo freight ( Code S) Biological products, plants and plant products, activities, ashes, pivot, fresh perishable goods, valuables, machinery, ammunition, escort the goods and other special goods in international air freight according to the standard rate of 150% for ordinary goods. Designated goods freight rate ( Code C) For some small batch big, strong seasonal, unit value of the goods, the carrier may establish designated goods freight, freight is no discount, the Civil Aviation Administration of China for approval.
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