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Airline transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-09
Airline flight transportation 2021-06-20 10:33:04 flight transportation refers to the transportation carried out by regular flights on a fixed route, that is, transportation with a fixed departure station, a fixed stop and a fixed destination. Therefore, air transportation is also called scheduled air transportation. Airline transportation mainly has the following characteristics. 1) Airline transportation has fixed routes, fixed stops and fixed voyages, and has a relatively fixed charging standard within a certain period of time. This provides certain guarantees for receivers and consignors, especially importers and exporters, to accurately grasp the time of delivery and arrival of goods, calculate transportation costs, and better perform foreign trade contracts. Therefore, airline transportation has become the preferred form of air cargo transportation organization for most traders. 2) With the intensification of competition in the freight industry in recent years, in order to better meet the needs of customers, Guangzhou logistics companies continue to increase the on-time rate of flights and place more emphasis on fast ground services. Therefore, this is very beneficial to the transportation of urgently needed goods, fresh and live goods, perishable goods and valuable goods in the market. 3) Airline transportation mostly uses full-passenger aircraft and dual-use passenger and cargo aircraft, and flights are still mainly passenger services. The cargo space is limited and the freight rate is high, which cannot meet the requirements for the timely delivery of large quantities of goods. Moreover, the change of passenger traffic on the same route in different seasons will also directly affect the quantity of cargo loaded, which makes airline transportation have great limitations in cargo transportation. This article is from 867 reprinted please keep
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