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Analysis on the Main Body of Railway Transport Operation

by:CNS     2021-07-04
Analysis of the main body of railway transportation business 2021-06-20 10:05:17 Who has the right to operate railway transportation? In different countries and different times, the legislation and policies are not consistent. For example, in our country, before the 1990s, only national railways and subways could operate railway transportation enterprises. In 1994, the Party Group of the Ministry of Railways issued the Opinions on Several Issues Concerning the Implementation of the Third Plenary Session (Decisions) of the 14th Central Committee of the Party (Decisions) to Deepen Railway Reform (i.e. 30 points). The mode of railway transportation enterprises has undergone fundamental changes in the past half a century. Judging from the current mechanism of China's railway transportation enterprises, the main body of railway transportation management rights is in principle the railway bureau (Article 72 of the Sixth Chapter Supplementary Provisions of the Railway Law), and railway transportation that has been engaged in freight business for more than 10 years is also allowed. Enterprises (Article 5 of the Measures for Foreign Investment in the Railway Freight Industry), foreign investors establish Sino-foreign joint railway freight companies in the People's Republic of China in the form of joint ventures (including joint ventures and cooperation); Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, Macau Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Region Investors in China may establish joint railway freight transport companies in other provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government (Articles 2 and 24 of the Measures for Foreign Investment in Railway Freight Transport). In a nutshell, the main body of railway transportation management rights mainly refers to railway transportation enterprises, including national railway companies, railway bureaus, joint-stock and limited liability companies. Investors of railway freight companies established by joint ventures, including companies, enterprises and other economic organizations and individuals in foreign countries and my country's Special Administrative Region (including Taiwan), are equity holders of railway transportation enterprises and enjoy equity in railway transportation enterprises. Enjoy the right to operate railway transportation, but Sino-foreign cooperative railway freight transportation companies and Sino-foreign joint venture railway freight transportation companies are the main body of railway transportation operation rights.
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