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Application of Barcode Technology in the Field of Logistics

by:CNS     2021-07-12
The application of barcode technology in the field of logistics 2021-06-20 09:55:301. Product tracking on the production line The task list with barcode labels follows the corresponding products to flow. At the beginning of each production link, the Guangzhou-Qamdo logistics line scans the barcode on the task list to change the product status in the database; when the product is off-line packaging, the product barcode is printed and pasted. 2. Product label management When the product goes offline, the product label is printed by the manufacturer and pasted on the obvious position of the product package. The product label will become an important sign for tracking the circulation of products. 3. Product warehousing management Read the barcode labels on the warehousing goods, and record the storage information of the goods at the same time, and store the characteristic information and storage information of the goods in the database together. 4. Product Outbound Management When the product is out of the warehouse, scan the barcode on the product to confirm the information of the outbound product and change its inventory status. 5. Inventory management On the one hand, barcodes can be used for inventory counting. Scan through the Guangzhou-Nyingchi logistics line to collect inventory information, and then centrally process the collected information by a computer to form an inventory report. On the other hand, barcodes can be used to prepare goods out of stock. 6. Goods delivery Before the goods are delivered, download the data to the mobile barcode terminal; after the goods arrive at the customer, use the mobile terminal to call out the customer order, select the goods according to the order situation and verify the barcode label to confirm the delivery situation. It can be seen that the automatic identification technology based on the standard identification 'language' of bar code greatly improves the accuracy and speed of data collection and identification, and can realize the meaning of calculation in the process, and realize the high-efficiency operation of logistics. 1154
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