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Apply to Shanghai by air to save more freight charges

by:CNS     2020-07-11
Apply to Shanghai by air to save more freight charges to Shanghai by air commitment cargo transportation, express delivery, warehousing, online tracking, the long distance delivery process for customer based on the leading position in the market economy, so as to provide reliable guarantee for the customer, make the limitless extension of service in the absence of the sense of distance. ( 1) Shanghai air freight shipping rate is generally lower than air association. Shipper can get low to cruise in airlines freight rate, saving cost. ( 2) Convenience: consolidation, the goods can be arriving cargo airlines locations outside extension of the airline service, convenient for the owner. ( 3) Early settlement: the consignor to air freight the goods after generation agent, can obtain the goods waybill, you can hold points waybill as soon as possible to the bank to handle the settlement of exchange. Air consignment way around the world generally, form a more perfect and effective service system, to promote the development of the international trade and international cultural exchange of science and technology played a good role. Air become one of the main mode of transportation of import and export goods in China. Shanghai air | ( )
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