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As the carriage of goods by air freight tools for the mode of transportation

by:CNS     2020-08-18
As tools for carriage of goods by air cargo mode of transportation in recent years ago in a highly responsible attitude, positive enterprising spirit and unique way of management to win the trust of the agents and customers at home and abroad, Shanghai airlines cargo can provide first-class logistics services to our customers. We always pay attention to listen to the diverse needs of customers, spare no effort to meet your needs, and strive to make your booking shipment is simple and quick, improve your company's overall efficiency, make you really enjoy never leave home and master global import and export airfreight of convenient services. Shanghai airlines cargo is also called the plane transport, it is under the condition of with airline and the airport, use aircraft to transport goods for transportation mode of transportation. Air transport in the transportation industry in our country, the freight volume accounts for the proportion of traffic is relatively small, mainly to undertake long-distance passenger transport task, along with the rapid development of logistics, air transport will play an important role in terms of the freight. Airlines flight transportation methods mainly include transportation, charter transportation, consolidation and air express business. Air freight as the growth of the traffic, the airport faced pressure and congestion, in some cases, lead to the changes of flight schedule. Emerging economies such as China, for domestic and foreign markets, air travel demand, it is a tendency of the pressure of air transport system. Should also be pointed out that the air transport and other means, such as freight is suitable for remote areas of the airship.
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