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At present, international air express freight going up all the industry's profit and freezing point

by:CNS     2020-08-08
At present, the international air express freight going up all the industry's profitability and freezing today of cross-border electronic business logistics, freight logistics service providers from standard goods inventory backlog and airline transportation condition to peep. Today's inward and outward freight logistics market is typical of a seller's market, or whether it is civil aircraft, transport aircraft charter price, only in very limited market go to great lengths to capture the best resources in the option. Is not the same as the condition of the port is not the same, the current policy is no cache on floor, all of a sudden the guys get off guard, 1 - in the short term Flip 2 weeks inventory backlog will be normalized. Today is not the same as the allocation of resources across the country, the international airlines, but the larger problem is all change two or three days. At present, the goods have to choose a good condition, often temporary received a notice grounded; Because the airline officer must also carry out protection when back and forth across the country, therefore, will continue to receive genset plus, sometimes cause the status of the flight can't sail. Inadequate position position is the most immediate effects of the price spike. At this stage, a lot of inventory backlog of goods, air express transportation have already turned over 5 times above, the European routes, one kilogram of transport from 20 pieces has risen to more than 100. Pay special attention to, because the goods generally light and volume of e-commerce, Light bubble than big) In the season, in the past, the international airline luck rarely, even if the goods less can also accept, but in these days & other; Land jin-gui & throughout; Link, of course, international airlines are reluctant to accept cargo, volume rate method is carried out. For some light behind relatively large products, this is equivalent to change to increase the cost. Originally one hundred yuan a kilogram of goods, for example, now according to the interior space is calculated, the volume will be accounted for 7 times, is must be transported 700 yuan a kilo. Variability caused by handling, shipping industry is also high, freight logistics providers and merchants are & other; Unrest throughout the &; The change of at a loss. For a long time, with the international airlines signed a contract, the price of the carrier company now has failed. Business risks are dramatically soaring at this stage in the reserve position, because the price is too high, for freight logistics company, actually can not clear after received the cargo at all. For example, you will open to sell when the price is 10 RMB, but when the goods collected to fly out, airlines cost will already have become a $15, immediately at a loss. And if businesses can't afford expensive transport, price is less than the cost, cause its better to withdraw and stock losses, will take up goods, the freight logistics providers all positions package through hardships, not to use money is wasted. In addition, airline transportation cost one day a price, and even & other; For a moment a price & throughout; Specification, in accordance with the provisions of the logistics enterprises generally all is seven days in advance to the merchants of the price change. If we continue to notice each merchants new transportation price, so the filling is disorderly, therefore, in many cases, a temporary rise in price notice, also hard to carry as much as possible, to make room merchants for adjusting price. And from a business perspective, because the price change often, and a general considering costs, even the market competition, inventory and other problems, often can't follow freight price change, and to adjust prices immediately. For example, businesses in accordance with the original transportation cost calculation, sell at a discount of $10 a batch of goods, but it was not until the actual delivery of the goods, the carrier transport has increased several times the price, but this time, the customer is already under the single, merchants also can not literally close cooperation conditions, businesses only & other; Clenched teeth & throughout; Quite the past. In addition, the price adjustment, often make the merchants for their own management methods and work pressure. And if there is inventory goods, there will be at a loss. Regardless of business, how much is the gross profit margin on the present stage of industry profits have been reduced to ice, in fact, merchants eventually can't earn money, not only will continue to appear at a loss.
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