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cargosmart\'s iot enabled ocean shipping scheduling solution

by:CNS     2020-01-12
The shipping industry has traditionally used EDI for shipping tenders, bookings, and milestone tracking.
A new solution has emerged that leverages near-real-time vessel tracking data to improve shipment planning and tracking.
Internet of Things (IoT)
Logistics is nothing new.
In logistics, for example, we have been doing RF scans and using this data to improve the warehouse process since at least 1975.
The Internet protocol makes it easier for sensor data to communicate with applications, which leads to better and cheaper applications.
Moreover, there are long-term IoT data in ocean shipping.
However, it was not used to improve visibility and operator scheduling.
In the ocean, large carriers traditionally interact with shippers and freight forwarders to update the estimated departure time, estimated arrival time, and other related status messages of interested parties using EDI messages (
Ships arrive at the port, container door, full load and full load leave, etc. )
EDI event data is better than actively calling the operator or viewing the carrier portal.
But EDI, which depends on operator performance, may have problems.
Logistics personnel usually refer to ASNs as a \"notice that has been shipped\" and ASNs represents a notice of delivery in advance.
Unfortunately, while this \"joke\" applies to all modes of transport, it is especially applicable to the ocean.
However, the rich real-time data stream has been able to improve the visibility of the ocean for a long time.
Automatic Identification System (AIS)
It is an automatic tracking system that is used to electronically exchange data with other nearby vessels, AIS base stations and GPS satellites to identify and locate vessels.
The purpose of AIS is to help ships avoid collisions and to help port authorities better control sea traffic, but CargoSmart is doing something new-they are using this near real-time data (
Ship details updated every 15 minutes)
Improve shipping schedule and shipping tracking.
Launched in 2000 as a cloud EDI solution provider focused on ocean booking and tracking, CargoSmart Limited offers software solutions, improve planning and operations for shippers, consignees, third party logistics, freight forwarders, and marine operatorsDelivery time.
To put it simply, it\'s easy to see EDI as the old way of doing things and see IoT data as an updated and superior form of data.
But they are not exactly the same.
EDI is the data transfer protocol for shippers and carriers to ship updates, while AIS is the actual data-the data must be placed in context in order to become useful.
To improve scheduling and shipment tracking, CargoSmart is doing this-they are leveraging AIS data to combine this data with EDI status messages and routing schedules, and then layering in other data
News alerts and weather maps for ports and airlines).
Without EDI shipment milestone data, the value of AIS data will be more limited.
CargoSmart is a real participant in the digital and big data areas of shipping.
While CargoSmart has become a provider of IoT solutions and is using AIS and other data sources to track ship-level performance, the company still offers more traditional solutions.
Many freight forwarders are using CargoSmart\'s enterprise solutions to customize schedules for their customers and only provide schedule delay alerts for ships that affect their customers\' shipments.
These solutions
Delay alert for private label sailing schedule and schedule-
Currently based on the sailing schedule data provided by the operator.
CargoSmart\'s product development plan is to add news event data to the private label navigation schedule and schedule delay alert product.
Where IoT data exists like AIS, it seems obvious to build a new application that leverages this data, especially in a review.
While the idea is obvious, I0T and big data are almost synonymous.
Collect, clean up, standardize and use predictive analytics to improve planning decisions
Making is far from a trivial matter.
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