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Characteristics of container transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-03
The characteristics of container transportation 2021-06-20 18:57:21 Container transportation is a modern and advanced transportation method. Because container transportation has caused major changes in all aspects of the goods circulation process, it is called the 'transportation revolution' of the 20th century. Container transportation can promote the mechanization and automation of transportation and production. 1. High efficiency Due to the standardization of goods and the specialization and large-scale of loading and unloading machinery and transportation tools, container transportation has become a highly efficient mode of transportation. 1) High loading and unloading power. 2) The utilization rate of transportation means is high. Due to the improvement of loading and unloading efficiency, the stay time of various transportation vehicles at the port station is greatly shortened, so that the ratio of the navigation time of each voyage to the total time of the voyage is significantly increased, and the utilization rate of the transportation tool is greatly improved. 3) High capital turnover rate. The Guangzhou-Nanjing logistics line has improved the efficiency of cargo handling and the time that the cargo stays at the port station has been reduced. In addition, the container cargo is generally used in the transportation process (especially long-distance transportation) in large quantities and high-speed transportation organizations and simplified administrative procedures The speed of delivery of goods is significantly shorter than that of traditional LTL transportation. This can shorten the period for the buyer's goods to occupy funds. As for the seller, since the delivery point of container cargo has changed from port and station handover to inland area and even 'door-to-door' handover, the seller can obtain transportation documents after delivery to advance the settlement time. Therefore, for both buyers and sellers, the liquidity turnover rate occupied by cargo transportation has increased significantly. 4) Save the cost of packaging and transportation. Because the container itself is a container with higher strength, it can protect the goods during transportation. When the goods are transported in a container, the transportation and packaging can be simplified and the packaging cost can be saved. In the process of container transportation, most ports and stations use preferential prices for loading and unloading fees and transit fees. In addition, it can reduce the number of tally and customs procedures caused by reloading during transportation. Therefore, the use of container transportation can reduce transportation costs. 5) Increase the utilization rate of warehouse yards. Since the strength of the container is far greater than the strength of cargo transportation packaging, when the container cargo is stacked in the warehouse yard, it can reach up to four layers, which can greatly reduce the area occupied by the cargo stacking and improve the utilization rate of the warehouse yard. 2. High-quality container transportation is a high-quality transportation method mainly reflected in the following aspects. 1) Container transportation is based on boxes as the transportation unit. The loading and unloading, reloading, and temporary storage of transportation are all carried out with the box as a unit. In addition, during the transportation process, the goods are all packed in the box and the box has Higher strength and better sealing, and higher requirements for cargo loading. Therefore, the use of containers to transport cargo can reduce the possibility of cargo damage, cargo difference, theft, and loss caused by various reasons during the entire transportation process. 2) Fast delivery of goods. 3) In order to ensure the high efficiency of container transportation, the procedures involved in the entire transportation of goods (consignment, loading and unloading, customs clearance, etc.) have been simplified, which greatly facilitates and simplifies the handling of documents and various financial and administrative procedures for shippers. 3. Containers in high-density container transportation, the modernization of various transportation vehicles, various port station facilities, mechanical equipment and the entire collection and distribution system require a lot of investment. With the modernization and large-scale transportation of Guangzhou logistics company, the large-scale, specialization of loading and unloading machinery and the modernization of management, the human resources required for container transportation will be further reduced, but the requirements for the quality of personnel will be higher. 4. Standardization of standardized container transportation is mainly reflected in the following aspects. 1) Standardization of the weight and dimensions of the goods due to the standardization of the box type and the transportation of the goods in the box. 2) Specialization and standardization of transportation vehicles in various transportation modes. 3) The specialization of various port and station facilities and the standardization of structure, layout and design requirements. 4) Standardization of various loading, unloading and handling machinery and equipment. 5) Transport management organization, transport and handling technology and process standardization. 6) Unification and standardization of transportation regulations and transportation documents.
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