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Chartered flight air freight transportation and transport of noun explanation

by:CNS     2020-07-19
Chartered flight air freight transportation and transport of noun explanation for many of our cross-border electricity sellers, the timeliness requirements are relatively high, and the international air express delivery due to its fast delivery, safe and accurate transportation and price is better than that of the international express delivery and widely used. Small make up today to share knowledge about the international air freight. 1, air cargo flight transportation flight is a fixed time, route and station, the port of destination, and stop the plane. It is usually a passenger and cargo amphibious aircraft, according to the market situation, its payload smaller and more expensive. But, as a result of the fixed time of flight, arrange transportation is favorable for the customer in urgent need of goods. There are some major airlines operating regular cargo flights on some routes, and use the full cargo transportation. Flights transportation flight classification can be divided into passenger and cargo flights. 1) Passenger: usually estate plane, usually in the main cabin passengers, the next pick up the goods. Therefore, hold capacity is small, carrying the goods is mainly small bulk cargo. 2) All cargo: the main tank and the lower tank are used for shipment. Its aircraft code letters & other; F“ 。 All cargo is generally designed for cargo container equipment type, set in the bottom of the cargo plane roller and a fixed system, can place container board and container. The characteristics of the flight transportation 1) With fixed lines, ports and the advantages of normal flight international flow of goods is more effective, safe, fast to all over the world. 2) Can real-time query flight information from a website, the shipper can accurately grasp the departure and arrival time of goods to the many need replenishment sellers of time management is very good. 3) The flight transportation is usually mixed transportation, space is limited, a large number of goods can't shipment in time. Usually need to partial shipments in stages. The flight transportation disadvantage is that the flight has significant limitations, because the plane carrying capacity is limited. 2, charter transportation refers to the airlines, according to the agreed conditions and rates will be the whole plane lease to one or more of the charter operators, and from one or more of the airport transport the goods to the specified destination. Charter transportation used in transport of goods, cost is lower than the regular flight. The classification of the charter transportation charter transportation can be divided into two kinds: the whole charter and part of the. 1) The whole machine, in other words, charter the aircraft is refers to the airlines according to beforehand and chartered agreed conditions and the fee will be the whole aircraft leasing to charter flights, and from one or more of the goods transport to the destination airport. 2) Part charter a few air freight company or shipper chartered a plane, or an airline to sell the plane space respectively to air cargo companies loading of the goods.
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