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Classification of warehouse distribution

by:CNS     2021-07-15
Classification of warehouse distribution 2021-06-20 18:07:36 (1) Classification according to the organizational form of distribution 1. Decentralized distribution Decentralized distribution means that sales outlets or warehouses carry out multi-variety and small-batch goods Distribution. It is characterized by wide distribution and wide service coverage, which is suitable for the distribution of short-distance, multi-variety and small-value goods. 2. Centralized distribution Centralized distribution, also known as distribution center distribution, refers to the distribution of goods that the distribution center specializes in the distribution business for the needs of social customers. It is characterized by large scale, strong professionalism, and strong planning; stable and close relationship with customers; a large variety and large quantity of distribution. Centralized distribution is the main form of distribution. 3. Co-distribution Co-distribution refers to a form of distribution in which several companies formulate a unified plan and concentrate distribution resources to meet customer demand for goods. There are generally two types of joint distribution: one is that several small and medium-sized production companies implement joint distribution through reasonable division of labor and negotiation; the other is the combination of small and medium-sized distribution centers to achieve common distribution. It is characterized by strong professionalism, high degree of flexibility, and cost saving, but its operation is more complicated. (2) Classified by delivery time and quantity 1. Timing delivery Timing delivery refers to delivery according to the specified time, such as once in a few days, several times a day, once every few hours, etc. The quantity and variety of each distribution of this kind of distribution method is carried out according to the plan drawn up in advance, and it can also be adjusted temporarily according to the needs of customers. 2. Quantitative delivery Quantitative delivery refers to the delivery according to the specified quantity, and the time is not strictly specified. The Guangzhou-Ningbo logistics company usually only determines a time limit, and the delivery is carried out in batches within this time limit. 3. Timing and quantitative delivery This is the method of delivery in accordance with the specified time and the specified amount, that is, the above-mentioned timing and quantitative delivery methods are integrated and implemented, and the two advantages are played to achieve the greatest effect. 4. Timing, fixed route delivery Timing and fixed route delivery are on a certain delivery route, and the delivery schedule is designated, and then the delivery center will perform delivery according to the delivery schedule. According to the arrival timetable, the customer waits for the delivery at the prescribed route or station. This kind of distribution method is very planned. 5. Delivery at any time Delivery at any time does not pre-determine the delivery quantity, delivery time, nor the delivery route, and temporarily organize delivery activities according to the quantity, variety, time and delivery method requested by the customer at any time. This kind of delivery method requires fast time, high quality and great flexibility, and is a very popular delivery method for customers.
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