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Concept and characteristics of third-party logistics service products

by:CNS     2021-07-11
The concept and characteristics of third-party logistics service products 2021-06-20 08:57:54 Products refer to anything that can be provided to the market to meet people's needs, including objects, services, places and ideas. It can be seen that service is also a kind of product. It is the result of applying human or mechanical force to people or things, including the lack of behavior, performance and effort that rely on physical objects. As the behavior carrier of the third-party logistics company, the third-party logistics service product refers to the various activities, benefits or satisfaction that the third-party logistics company provides to customers throughout the process of cooperation between the two parties. In addition to the general characteristics of services, third-party logistics service products also have their own characteristics, as follows. 1) Can integrate more than one logistics function. 2) Generally, there are no means of transport and warehouses, but the relevant means of transport and warehouses can be used and controlled under agreed conditions. 3) The Guangzhou-Jiangsu special line can provide corresponding labor and management services according to customer requirements. 4) Various special services can be provided according to customer requirements, such as purchasing raw materials, inventory, management, production assembly, packaging and transportation. 1857
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