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Container freight basic common sense (2)Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-09
Outside the container size Container, including container permanent attachments, outside of the largest length, width and height size. It is can determine the container in the ship, chassis, truck, change between main parameters of the railway vehicles. Is the transport sector is an important technology of the data. 3. The container size The inside of the container maximum length, width and height size. Height of the bottom panel to the tank roof distance on the bottom of the width is the distance between the two inside lining board, the length of the door is the inside of the plate to the distance between the end wall lining plate. It decided to container content product and the maximum size of the goods in the cabinet. Four. Container content product ( According to the size of the container loading capacity calculation. The same specifications of the container, because of the different structure and manufacturing material, its volume slightly different. Department or other party that stuffs the container content product is goods must be to master the important technical data. Five. Container calculating unit ( Feet equivalent units referred to as: TEU) Also known as 20 feet conversion unit, is to calculate the number of containers of conversion unit. Currently most of the container transport, use the two container 20 feet and 40 feet long. In order to make the number of containers to calculate unification, calculate 20 feet container as a unit, the 40 feet container as two units of account, and unified calculation amount of container operations. Six. Container leasing Is a business owner will lease the empty user. Container for all rental side of container, and users, are generally shipping company or owner of the goods, to rent one, the two sides signed the lease contract. Provided by qualified container lessor to the lessee to use within the prescribed scope. Container leasing, the world has a variety of different ways, altogether has: rent, period, current rental and trading resistance Clinton, etc. Seven. Container terminal Is in the container transport, box or cargo loading and unloading of the exchange of safekeeping specific department in charge. It is entrusted by the carrier or its agent, for the following business: exchange of FCL cargo, storage; A container freight station, handle the LCL cargo handover; Arrange container ship berthing, loading and unloading of containers, each voyage prepare stowage plan; Handle the related documents of the make up sign; Prepare and sign the check container vehicle access and circulation of the related documents; For container transport, loading and unloading tools of inspection, maintenance, as well as the chamber cleaning, fumigation, etc; The sending and receiving, storage and preservation of empty containers; Arrange empty container and &heavy container stacking in the yard, and prepare the site distribution plan; Other related business. General by the container terminal wharves, frontier, storage area, cargo terminal, control tower, repair departments, door and office. Sometimes yard or freight station 5 - can be extended to the urban internal matter 15 kilometers of transit.
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