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Container freight basic common sense ( 4) Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-13
2018 - 07 - 16 09:21:00 fourteen. Limitation of liability, 责任限制) S cargo damage in container transportation, the carrier shall bear the capital sum. LCL cargo of limitation of liability and the traditional transportation is the same. The compensation of the whole case goods according to the current international some precedent: if the bill of lading not listed a number of the cargo of the contents, each box as a claims calculating unit; As shown on the bill of lading the cargo packages in the cabinet, according to the quantity of calculation; If the goods are damaged and destroyed, not by sea, but in the inland transportation, shall be dealt with in accordance with land transport capital sum; Such as container is owned by the shipper or provided, in case of loss of or damage to, the responsibility is indeed the carrier shall be takers, should also be seen as a claims calculating unit. 15. The same responsibility system ( 统一责任制) Multimodal transport operator with respect to liability for damage of goods of a kind of system of the liability for compensation. According to this system, unified by the combined transport bill of lading issued by the carrier to the shipper responsible to the entire transport, namely s cargo damage in phase, in which a transportation is responsible by the responsibility of the same content. If you can find out the transportation of damage phase, transport carrier after compensation, can to recover the loss from this transportation of the actual carrier. 16. The reticular responsibility system ( 网络责任制) seventeen The rules of chamber of shipping container ( Container rules of freight conference transport operator with respect to liability for damage of goods of a system of the liability for compensation. According to this system, combined transport bill of lading issued by the carrier, although the goods are still held responsible for the entire transport, but not like the same liability in damages, but by the responsibility of the damage of the transportation phase content. Damage occurred in the maritime transport stage, for example, according to the international shipping rules and regulations; Such as occurred in the stage of railway or highway transport, in accordance with relevant international law and domestic law to deal with. In capitalist countries in the full container ship route, the shipping industry association to monopoly each container transport routes, respectively establish the supplier use container transportation rules. These rules, it is by the guild to guild operating within the scope of the route is established. Therefore, each guild rules content each are not identical, but the basic spirit is the same, namely the cargo liability is the same on both sides. Rules generally includes the following aspects: ( 1) The transportation of container loading and unloading port, and distribution. ( 2) Container transport special terms. ( 3) All kinds of transport cargo transfer way both parties responsibility. ( 4) Booking and shipping documents to declare. ( 5) Various terms including bill of lading, and number of terms, port terms and accident. ( 6) The bill of lading issued. ( 7) Collecting equipment handover procedures, the use of free time and demurrage. ( 8) Delivery procedures. ( 9) Freight calculation and payment. ( 10) Various fees collecting method, set rates change. ( 11) Monetary value, value-added rules. ( 12) Inland transport rules and fees. ( 页面)
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