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Container freight basic common sense (Part7)Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-09
Bulk container bulkcontainer) Box is equipped with 2 -3 port of loading, the bottom or end door has a funnel-shaped unloading confession loading bulk in airtight containers. Loading, generally by the port of loading on the top of the box, pumping discharge can be sucked out from the port of loading, or adopt automatic tilting chassis, lift the container at the other end of the tilt, the goods can be automatic discharging mouth outflow from the bottom or end door. Bulk container is suitable for the loading of rice, wheat, soy and other bulk grain, also can load a variety of feed, resin, borax, cement, sand, etc. At the time of loading of grain, as a result of the need of quarantine, has an area on the top of the bulk container for fumigation with accessory device. Reefer container, refrigeratedcontainer) Frozen container ( reefercontainer) Thermal container ( insulated container) Delivery of fresh fish, fresh meat, frozen food and fruits, vegetables, film, medicine and so on the airtight container goods need to keep a certain temperature. Two points refrigerated container and heat preservation container. Frozen container department, in the front of the box set commonly invisible freezer. When working in the refrigerator, the cold wind blow out from the back end in the cabinet ventilation tube through the space between the tank wall ribbed and ventilation at the bottom of guide rail, the front wall of cold air suction, return cycle refrigerator. In order to improve the cooling effect, the whole frozen container walls, inside the tank top and the bottom is covered by insulation materials. Frozen container working temperature in - 28 ℃ ~ + 26 ℃, according to the need of the cargo, can automatically adjust is the constant temperature in the cabinet. Insulated container is mainly used for loading of fruits and vegetables fresh. General use dry ice cold agent such as to prevent the excessive temperature rises, usually heat preservation time is 72 hours. The all around and has sufficient heat up and down in the cabinet structure. Crate containers (platform container) Only the bottom, a four pillar of Angle and number of removable side, without roof, wall, side wall ( With some disassembly type end wall) Have to crane or fork lift from the top or side of loading and unloading of goods. Suitable for loading of heavy machinery, steel, vehicles, pipes, logs, electrode, ingot and bulk cargo, etc. As there is no vertical and horizontal component container top plate frame, in order to prevent Angle deformation caused by angular displacement of the accessories, affect the operation of container spreaders, higher requirements on the strength of the Angle. Outside the container size Container, including container permanent attachments, outside of the largest length, width and height size. It is can determine the container in the ship, chassis, truck, change between main parameters of the railway vehicles. Is the transport sector is an important technology of the data. The container size The inside of the container maximum length, width and height size. Height of the bottom panel to the tank roof distance on the bottom of the width is the distance between the two inside lining board, the length of the door is the inside of the plate to the distance between the end wall lining plate. It decided to container content product and the maximum size of the goods in the cabinet. Container content product According to the size of the container loading capacity calculation. The same specifications of the container, because of the different structure and manufacturing material, its volume slightly different. Department or other party that stuffs the container content product is goods must be to master the important technical data. Equipment interchange receipt ( equipmentreceipt) All container or rent entrusted container terminal, transit or inland station with cargo box transition between people or their representatives container and transport equipment. Receipt issued by the carrier or its agent for the goods, returned to the area, which stand to receive or light &heavy or box. Receipt printed on the back of the first delivery terms of use, the main contents are containers and equipment used in the goods, as well as the cost of equipment and the cargo of the case of damage to or loss of the responsibility, and damages to a third party. Equipment handover generally in the district, standing at the gate. Equipment includes containers, chassis, car and motor, etc. Receipt points' go out 'and' in 'two kinds.
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