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Container overweight handling methods and the effect of the New Deal, On) Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-13
2018 - 07 - 31 14:10:00 a limit weight of each container, container itself out of the door has the most heavy end of information, such as MAXGROSS: 30480 KGS. It means that your box box with goods can't more than the weight. Tare weight - - 20 gp: is 2200 KGS, 40:3. 720 - Individual some HQ will have MAXGROSS: 4200 KGS, 32000 KGS. This is the biggest container body can withstand strength, loading exceeds this limit, variant possible enclosure, floor, roof beam bending damage, such as all the resulting losses will be borne by all loading people. At present domestic most professional container terminals are installed automatically scale load, so as long as the container loading is out of body weight, wharf is all refused to take up the ark. So suggest you before packing, see clear on the container body weight, to avoid unnecessary return box heavy homework. If the goods is overweight and can't break up, you can choose to overweight. Increase here is heavy fees, general ordinary dry dock/yard will ship company box stacking together, if you want to choose one special compound ark ( As previously talked about 20 aggravate the ark) , wharf, yard must be sequentially, the resulting choice ark fee generally with specified ark fee same price. Container transportation is a multisectoral collaborative process involved, so in addition to the weight of container body itself, there are some other factors to consider. Second, the shipping company limited heavy weight usually each ship company policy is different, some standard is not on the basis of damage to the container. In the space and weight balance. Each space and weight of the container ship has certain limitations, but on some routes, the shipping space and weight are not always just right balance out. Conflicts often occur in the heavy stuff more concentrated in north China, the weight of the ship has arrived, the shipping space is less, in order to make up for the loss of shipping, shipping companies tend to take the price strategy, that is, how much cargo weighing more than tons after extra freight. Also have a shipping company not with his own boat, but to buy other ship company shipping space to transport, the limitation on the weight will be more strictly, because the space between the shipping company to buy or sell a is in accordance with the 1 teu = 14 tons or 16 tons standard to calculate, more than the weight of not to give into the boat. In class period, according to heat different routes, shipping companies to cut every box of weight. When booking, at the latest shipment will ask forwarder about the shipping company restricted problem again. If not confirm the goods is heavy cargo has risk, and after some ship companies are overweight, there would be no room for communication, direct the cargo consignor to drag, clearance, tao and weigh again. These fees are bad control.
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