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Contents of loading and unloading

by:CNS     2021-07-08
The content of loading, unloading and handling 2021-06-20 17:34:401. Stacking operation Stacking operation is to move the goods from the place where it is placed in advance to the designated place of the storage facility such as trucks or transportation tools or warehouses, and then according to the required location It is an operation activity that puts goods neatly and regularly into stacks. 2. Destacking operation Destacking operation is the reverse operation of stacking operation. 3. Sorting operation Sorting operation is an operation that occurs before and after stacking and destacking operations or before the distribution operation. The goods are sorted and sorted in the order of variety and out of the warehouse, and then they are placed in the specified positions. Homework activity. 4.Popularizing operationsPopularizing operations refer to operations that occur before loading operations on trucks and other transportation tools and before loading and unloading from storage facilities such as warehouses. It is based on the requirements of different customers to move the goods from the specified location, according to types, specifications, The job sequence and delivery objects are sorted, distributed, concentrated, and sent to the designated locations. 5. Conveying operations Conveying operations are operations that move goods for the purpose of loading, unloading, sorting, and distribution activities, including horizontal, vertical, oblique conveying and several combinations of conveying. 6. Transfer operation Transfer operation refers to the operation of conveying goods with a conveyor belt.
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