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Cruising bulk cargo transportation process CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-10
Cruising bulk cargo transportation process: 2016-06-14 21:30:00 Bulk cargo full service process Service process Cruising bulk cargo flow, multi-regional, multi-level, high-standard maritime logistics, to provide you with a full range of door-to-door Door service! We can not only provide door-to-door full service, but also provide single service for each business node in the process. STEP I sea, land and rail combined transport factory delivery/delivery, we can provide the best port collection method, so that the land transport / rail transport / lighter transport efficient combination. STEP 2 Cargo collection port After the goods arrive at the port, a special person is responsible for unloading and collection port. STEP 3 Tally and pick up services in and out of the warehousing and receiving port. STEP 4 Port loading/unloading procedures to handle loading and unloading procedures, port fees, port construction fees and other fee payment agency services. STEP 5 Insurance agents provide fast insurance, pre-insurance, and fast claims settlement services, and PICC Property u0026 Casualty Group guarantees the entire process. STEP 6 Ship agent reporting to port, maritime declaration, port visa and other matters related to ships in port are handled by a dedicated person to ensure efficiency and save time. The loading/unloading process in the STEP 7 port tracks the loading and unloading process, and the 24-hour on-site supervision of loading and unloading ensures that the quality and quantity of goods are guaranteed. STEP 8 Tally services beside the tally ship and in the warehouse area to ensure cargo safety. STEP 9 lashing professionals will secure and lash the cargo, which is safe and efficient. STEP 10 is a direct shipping route with short cargo transportation time, high shipping schedule density and fast speed. Our advantage: direct liner shipping, high-density shipping schedule, sea, land and rail combined transport, door to door service
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