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Environmental protection, fastness and stability of railway logistics

by:CNS     2021-07-04
Environmental protection, fastness and stability of railway logistics 2021-06-20 16:16:57 (1) Today's society advocates the development of green logistics. Among many transportation methods, railway energy consumption is low, energy structure is reasonable, and the degree of electrification of locomotive traction Gradually increasing, it is a safe and secure transportation mode with less pollution, less land occupation, and inherent advantages for the development of green logistics. According to statistics, in the unit energy consumption of various vehicles, private cars are 9 times that of railways, airplanes are 6 times that of railways, and buses are 4 times that of railways. One railway is equivalent to the transportation capacity of five 4-lane expressways. Therefore, the development of railway green logistics is a trend, and it is also the basis for railway logistics to highlight its advantages after the reorganization of various modes of transportation. (2) Fast and stable railway logistics Railway logistics has the inherent conditions for being punctual and fast. On April 18, 2007, after my country's railway implemented the sixth large-scale speed increase, the operating speed of the railway has been greatly improved, and the rapid road network construction has also created conditions for the rapid transportation of the railway. From the main technical and economic indicators of national railway transportation, the operating speed and punctuality rate of my country's railway are both high. These data fully illustrate the speed of railway logistics. In addition, the railway has the characteristics of punctuality, stability and all-weather. Railway logistics relies on railway transportation, and railway transportation is relatively less affected by natural conditions such as weather and seasons. It can operate continuously throughout the year, day and night, regularly, regularly, and accurately, which can ensure the regularity of operation. And stability, so railway logistics also has these characteristics.
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