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FBA Shipping Promotion

FBA Shipping Promotion


Our FBA shipping promotion has already started, July 15th to August 15th is our promotional time to give back to customers. New customers are 10% off, old customers are 20% off, and we also have vouchers, which can directly deduct the freight. Welcome to inquire for any freight from China to Amazon warehouse or your address, we will provide the best price and best service.

SHENZHEN CNS INTERTRANS CO.,LTD is a professional freight forwarder company in China. We can provide FBA shipping by sea/air /express in DDP term to FBA or private warehouse and also available for Amazon related service like labeling, packaging, inspection etc. What we said to our customers is that the market always rock bottom price, and we can't compare the price with others because there are a lot of cheaper prices in total. There is always a price lower than you, but the only thing that can't be compared is the quality and guarantee of service. Only the best service and quality can survive in the market. Please feel free to contact me!



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