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Friends, logistics is more than transportation!

Friends, logistics is more than transportation!


Many enterprises in China have not established the function of supply chain management, some of which have no concept at all. They have a shallow and unsystematic understanding of supply chain management. This makes it difficult for enterprises to achieve profits through functional integration and overall process management. In most enterprises, procurement, planning, transportation, warehouse management and other different sub-processes are governed by each project, each project deals with its own issues. Each sub-process is committed to local optimization, such as subcontracting to the cheapest transporter or internal completion, without considering the aggregation of all available extended logistics services. In the long run, this kind of "partial saving" will inevitably lead to the rise of overall expenditure and the decline of enterprise performance.

Logistics, a new vocabulary. Three or four years ago, people from all walks of life crazily sought after a handful, which is still popular today. What automobile logistics, book logistics, postal logistics, glass logistics, shoe logistics and so on? They have penetrated into all walks of life, enterprises regard logistics as the third source of profits.

For example, China's shoe industry has created countless miracles and brilliance in the past two or three decades, but in recent years, the worrying thing is that the quality has gone up, the capacity has gone up, the scale has gone up, the brand has gone up, the sales have gone up, but the profits are stagnating, and some even have gone backwards.

Since the overall performance has been upgraded, the profit has not been upgraded?

Obviously, it was eaten, and it was in the logistics sector. Our shoe enterprises have always paid attention to order-based production. Although they have started to talk about logistics in shoe industry, they still stay at the stage of oral presentation. At most, they change some people who take orders and manage warehouses to logistics personnel.

Shoe upper and sole purchasing you still negative purchasing, raw materials or finished goods warehouse personnel also bear your warehousing, loading or loading your car according to the notice, production with the order or as usual, this side runs, there ask, here urge, there spring slowly.

These are only the portfolio of procurement, warehousing, production, sales and transportation, each of which is governed and interrelated. Logistics in the sense of integrity should be the unification of capital flow, information flow and commodity flow. Now there are many manufacturers, in order to produce timely procurement, in order to produce timely production, in order to order to demand timely delivery, but they dredge the logistics cost, because there is no unified dispatch, all departments are in charge of government, in this "timely" below, rolling wheels, take away their most sensitive things.

There is a management idea called "supply chain" in foreign logistics development, which leads the development and operation of logistics. Originally, logistics is a chain (purchase, production, sales, recycling, waste), originally logistics has eight functions (packaging, warehousing, handling, handling, circulation processing, transportation, distribution, information processing), originally logistics is a three-way combination (capital flow, logistics, information flow), these are countries. Advanced ideas of external supply chain management.

Especially western logistics theory and logistics thought misguided China's manufacturing and logistics industry, thinking that "logistics" can only do a good job of transportation, loading and unloading, but did not think of "logistics" in front of "He Jin flow" and "information flow"! In our country, only logistics is moving, He Jin flow and information flow are not moving, or voice is not let Logistics enterprises know, nor is it driven or driven by logistics enterprises. Anyway, logistics enterprises are just like cattle pulling, transporting and transporting goods, their fruits can not even get their hard handling, or only get money in half a year.

The core of logistics supply chain management is to meet the needs of customers. To satisfy the customer's demand for service level, we need to have a strong core competitiveness, that is, to minimize the operating costs of enterprises, which is the key point for the success of supply chain.

If we form a smooth logistics supply chain, each economic body in the chain acts on me and I acts on you, realizing the integration of production, sales and service, and distributing the right quantity and right goods to the right place at the right time, we can realize the minimum of supply cone cost and enterprise operation cost.

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