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Green distribution processing

by:CNS     2021-07-10
Green circulation processing 2021-06-20 14:59:08 Circulation processing refers to the packaging, segmentation, measurement, sorting, assembly, price attaching, label attaching, and merchandise as needed during the process from the place of production to the place of use. A general term for simple tasks such as inspections. Circulation processing has strong production characteristics, and its impact on the environment is mainly manifested in: the low energy efficiency of the distributed circulation processing process, the generated corner waste, exhaust gas, waste and other pollutants in the surrounding environment, and the possibility of secondary pollution. Sub-pollution. The main measures of green circulation processing include two aspects: one is specialized centralized circulation processing, which uses large-scale operations to improve resource utilization efficiency and reduce environmental pollution. For example, the catering service industry conducts centralized processing of food to reduce household decentralized cooking. The second is to concentrate on processing the scraps generated during the processing of consumer goods, and smoothly connect with the waste logistics, reducing waste pollution and waste logistics process pollution. 1759
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