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Improve logistics capabilities through the construction of logistics information systems

by:CNS     2021-07-05
Improve logistics capabilities through the construction of logistics information systems 2021-06-20 20:09:52 Logistics information is the positioning of logistics activities and cargo displacement in time and space, and it is the basic data for carrying out logistics decision-making. Therefore, it is an inherent requirement to ensure the transmission and truthfulness of information in the logistics system. Information sharing in an accurate, timely and effective logistics information system not only has an important impact on the performance of other logistics capabilities, but also improves the quality of logistics services and establishes a competitive advantage by affecting distribution capabilities and flexibility. In the logistics system, the information system includes hardware, software, network and e-commerce. In warehouse management, the use of warehouse management information system can improve the speed of receiving and dispatching, sorting, placing, replenishing, and transiting goods, and is conducive to the integration of inventory analysis and financial systems; in transportation and delivery management, use transportation The management information system can optimize the combination of transportation modes, seek the best transportation route, and realize the tracking of goods in transit, which is convenient for enterprises and customers, and realizes fleet management, transportation planning, scheduling and tracking, and electronic data exchange with transporters. (Information Integration) etc. From the perspective of the supply chain, the logistics information system comprehensively considers the various logistics links of each enterprise in the supply chain, and can achieve the sharing and visibility of the global inventory, order and transportation status, so as to reduce the demand and order information in the supply chain. The occurrence of symmetry.
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