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In the form of air cargo import and export goods, need certain formalities

by:CNS     2020-07-09
In the form of air cargo import and export goods, need a certain formalities with the development of air cargo business, Shanghai airlines cargo agent enterprises came into being. In the form of air cargo import and export goods, need a certain formalities, such as the export goods before starting to pay the airline carrier's booking, storage, documents making, customs declaration, shipment, etc. ; Import of the goods at the destination airport of airline or airport cargo, storage regulation, documents making, customs declaration, shipping and transportation, etc. Shanghai air freight company usually is not responsible for the business, as a result, closed, the shipper must provide air cargo by air freight representative company business, or on its own to airlines deal with air cargo business. Airlines main business for flight security, they are affected by various factors such as manpower, material resources, it is difficult to directly in the face of numerous customers, deal with shipping before and after shipping multifarious services, which will require air freight agent company for airlines, export freight, material, issue a waybill, collect freight, import dredging port, customs clearance, inspection, delivery, transfer. Make the airlines can concentrate, to do their own business, further explore the air transport. Air transport freight forwarding company work is an indispensable part in the whole air transport, its service function for the owner and airlines, both sides have brought convenience and benefits. Along with the large increase of foreign trade in recent years, air cargo agent enterprises develop rapidly.
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