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International air freight briefly from China direct to the Dutch need about how many hours

by:CNS     2020-08-09
International air freight briefly from China direct to the Dutch need about how many hours is about 7900 kilometers from Amsterdam, the capital of China, China's most western is about 5000 kilometers from the Netherlands, direct to the Netherlands takes about 13 hours from China. International express delivery to the Netherlands need a few days? The following international air freight will give you details! China's express delivery to the Netherlands how long does it take to TNT can choose express delivery from China to the Netherlands, because it is the local Courier company, good service, fast. It supports a door-to-door delivery and other services. Its European customs clearance ability, leading the domestic customs clearance speed is very fast. Of course, you can also choose other Courier services, such as clothing, machinery and electronic products and electronic products of DHL, DHL) , to express the battery in the Netherlands uninterruptible power supply ( UPS) Fedex, clothing ( 联邦快递) Express mail, food and health care products ( EMS) The door-to-door service, as well as about 6 days. International express: 3 - About 7 days to door EMS: 5 - Eight days EMS faster EMS and Hong Kong, Singapore postal EMS delivery time is longer, within 20 working days or so. Above time is normally delivery time, delivery time and be affected by factors such as weather and customs. Before it should be noted that in the normal transport, express delivery to the Netherlands need EORI number. The Dutch customs of goods requiring all federal border administration provides vending system, and take the vending system for declared value; For textile products shipped to the Netherlands, the consignee shall apply to the local customs for import certificates, and according to the consignor for export certificates ( Or certificate of transit) Arrange customs clearance. The Dutch tariff policy ( 荷兰海关税收政策) : the Dutch customs judgment standards of value of goods is cif, namely cost insurance freight. The following packages do not need to pay duties and VAT. The euro between 150 euro package not tariffs, but need to pay VAT. More than 150 euro package: need to pay duties and VAT. The Dutch VAT, The VAT) Is 25 pounds, depending on specific goods. Electronic goods there is usually no tariffs, and clothing and other textile tariffs for 10 pounds.
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