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International air freight cannot correct classification and identification of contraband goods

by:CNS     2020-08-10
International air freight cannot correct classification and recognition of contraband goods due to the security of the international air transport demand is very high, especially when the transport of goods is the use of aircraft cabin for abdominal, some international air cargo needs an assessment report, assessment report what is aviation goods? The goods must be certified by air? Conclusion means, in short, all don't know whether there is a hidden danger or can't correct classification and identification of the goods need to be a air assessment report! What is the full name of air appraisal appraisal is air condition appraisal report, and English name is the identification and classification report airfreight, commonly referred to as international air appraisal or evaluation. Air should identify what kind of goods? 1, with magnetic goods according to the international air transportation, air transport agreement on surface 2 object to be tested. 1 m in any of the magnetic field strength should be less than 0. 159 / m ( 200元) Before they are used for general cargo transport ( For general cargo recognition) 。 All goods containing magnetic materials will produce magnetic field in space, in order to ensure flight safety, need for magnetic goods safety inspection. 2 in the form of powder, powder goods goods air identification report must be provided, such as diamond powder, spirulina powder and various plant extracts. 3, the goods containing the liquid and gas, for example, some instruments may contain rectifier tube, mercury thermometer, pressure gauge, pressure gauge, transducer, etc. 4, chemicals, chemicals, all kinds of chemicals, usually need to provide air assessment report. Chemical products can be roughly divided into dangerous chemicals, and ordinary chemicals. Common chemicals is common in the international air transport, which may, in accordance with the general cargo transport chemicals. The chemicals must be ordinary goods by air transport, that is to say, the goods was proved to be ordinary chemicals not dangerous goods. 5, oil goods, for example, engine, carburetor or fuel tank, fuel and residual fuel that may contain auto parts; Camping equipment or appliances that may contain flammable liquids, such as kerosene and gasoline. 6, with a battery of goods classification and recognition of relatively complex, or may be 4 product with battery. 3, 8 and 9 kinds of air transport of dangerous goods, so need to identify the report related products by air. For example, electrical equipment may contain batteries; Such as mower, golf carts, electric equipment such as a wheelchair. May contain batteries. The international air transport by air assessment report include? The main content of international air cargo transportation and grant the usually include the goods name and its corporate logo, the main physical and chemical properties, the risk characteristics of shipping goods, the laws and regulations which is the basis of the appraisal, and emergency disposal methods. Purpose is to provide transport unit is directly related to transportation safety information.
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