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International air freight company warned recently us customs strictly prohibited children's toys

by:CNS     2020-08-12
International air freight company warned U. S. customs recently some buyers strictly prohibited children's toys, the report said in a recent period of time, U. S. customs strictly prohibited children's toys, clothing products and eye shadow, sellers were detained in the customs clearance. Children's toys and clothing products strict investigation according to the knowledge of Shanghai air freight company, U. S. customs, especially the Newark liberty international airport ( 英文文宣写作研习营) And the San Francisco international airport ( SFO) , are very strict. All about the children's products ( Such as children's toys, children's clothing, etc. ) May be held for the time being. If you want to customs clearance, the owner will need to provide two kinds of materials, the CPSC test report ( Consumer product safety commission test report) And the children's product certificate ( Children's product certificate) 。 If Chinese exporters in recent relevant product exports to the United States, please confirm whether they have these two kinds of materials. America's new requirements on eye shadow products. In addition, the United States has also strengthened the control of the eye shadow and beauty products. The relevant international air freight department may require the seller to provide export product packaging pictures, product image and product composition, Including color additives, etc. ) 。 This kind of product are usually released slowly, may need to temporarily detained warehouse in order to get more information, at the same time the cost deduction. In the face of the strict investigation, the seller should be how to respond? It is understood that after the relevant bit of America's imports inspection belongs to the monthly customs policy. Some industry insiders speculated that before export similar products may be more incomplete information, so the customs is encountered this kind of product. I will check more. In fact, the United States customs of different goods have different testing standard, so is not very good for the owner. Related products vendors also said, for inspection of product, shipping inspection requirements will be higher, so if conditions permit, the owner can choose other modes of transportation. In addition, the owner should also actively communicate with U. S. importers and inspection and quarantine departments, through the relevant testing and certification as soon as possible, but also pay attention to details such as warning labels, avoid export block. In fact, belong to the more popular children's products and cosmetics consumer goods categories, and more popular with consumers. Although China and the United States for children's products and daily necessities of the degree of control is not low, but there may be differences in details, but foreign international air freight company usually only admitted to the national standards and regulations. Therefore, in the export products, the seller need to master the main content of the foreign related requirements in time, to ensure that the product meets the requirements, smooth customs clearance.
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