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International air freight information required to declare cosmetics and how to speed up the approval process

by:CNS     2020-08-09
Cosmetics international air freight declaration information and how to speed up the approval process for international air freight and express imported cosmetics in the industry is a very difficult project, this will involve complex procedures, such as the record and Chinese label. The following is the international air transport and express cosmetics import customs declaration process description. All the international air transport and express imported cosmetics will be bundled and personally to the food and drug administration. If in the next five days there were any issues that need to be added, the company will be required to supplement these problems. If no problem, they can be accepted. After acceptance, experts will review of product, generally within 20 working days, if you have any questions, they will send don't agree with the proposal, and to the enterprise the problem. If companies don't think the opinions of the experts put forward reasonable, can apply for review, and submit to the examination center of your own reason. If there is no problem after review, the leader can sign, producing and issuing, from check to get the certificate, general use cosmetics international air import usually takes about four months. Declare the domestic information needed for special use cosmetics: 1. Special purpose household cosmetics hygiene license application form 2. The health administrative department at the provincial level the preliminary examination opinion of 3. The product formula 4. Active components, the use of active components based on 5 and test method. Production process and chart 6. Product quality standards ( Enterprise standard) 7. Cosmetic inspection organizations approved by the provincial administrative department of health issued by the inspection report 8. Authorized by the ministry of health issued by the inspection agency inspection reports 9 of cosmetics. Product design package ( Including product label) 10. Product description 11 samples. May help product review other information shall be accompanied by 3 packets not the integrity of the sealed samples how to speed up the approval process, cosmetics report period is related to the following factors: review cycle; Check cycle; Information; Review policy. Cosmetics, mainly is the special product review meeting, you can catch up with the current review meeting. Cosmetics testing cycle and as before. Information cycle will affect the report. Have no objection if data well-prepared, the jury or only needs to modify a little bit during the reporting period can be shortened, or during the reporting period will be extended. The jury is likely to be some technical problems, put forward a new point of view need additional tests or reporting unit is required to provide more information, it could extend the reporting period. In short, if you want to shorten the report period of cosmetics, you need time to arrange each link, prepare the report material, but it will not rule out under the influence of censorship policies.
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