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International air freight warehousing service process

by:CNS     2020-08-13
International air transport, warehousing service process international air freight as e-commerce logistics service providers, fast for e-commerce enterprises to establish a national system of logistics distribution and warehousing management, provide flexible quality points storehouse, big promotion activities, multi-channel management, main transport + distribution solutions, such as landing to help electricity enterprises to improve customer satisfaction, for e-commerce retailers to lift worries about logistics. We have the process standardization, operation standardization, service professional operation team, abundant resources as well as the channel and warehouse management experience, independent research and development of the logistics industry integration system, the experience of we always take the customer as the guide, evolving our service ability, set up a fine logistics operation service system. Clients included electrical appliances, clothing, household, fast-moving consumer goods industries such as the famous brand, with the high-speed development of e-commerce market, two years sustained growth of more than 100%. Shanghai air freight company is committed to service to help enterprises solve the problems and challenges, and grasp the opportunity, realize the vision, achievement dream. To use new ideas and concept to create a simpler, more valuable, more reliable electronic business outsourcing service experience, constantly help customers improve the working way, give play to the full potential.
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