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International cargo warehousing

by:CNS     2021-07-13
International cargo warehousing 2021-06-20 18:51:41 Foreign trade warehousing is the same as international transportation, logistics warehousing is an indispensable link for international logistics. Foreign trade warehousing is not only responsible for the storage and storage of import and export commodities, but also a series of tasks such as export processing, selection, sorting, packaging, stocking, assembly and shipping. The foreign trade warehouses are classified according to different standards as follows: 1. According to the main functions in commodity circulation (1) Port warehouses. Port warehousing is mostly located in coastal port cities where commodities are shipped and exported. The main function is to sell export commodities purchased by export ports and inland foreign trade departments and import commodities to be distributed. Therefore it is also called the turnover warehouse. (2) Transit warehouse. Transit warehouses are mostly located between areas where commodity production is concentrated and the port of shipment. The main function is to collect, store and transfer commodities exported through ports in the province and other places in accordance with the reasonable flow of commodities. (3) Processing warehouse. Its characteristic is to combine commodity processing business and warehousing business. Its main function is to carry out necessary selection, sorting, classification, modification and processing of certain export commodities to meet the needs of circulation, so as to facilitate storage and transportation and the needs of the international market. (4) Storage warehouse. The main function of the storage warehouse is to store the export commodities sold on a commission basis, store various materials for foreign aid, import materials to be allocated and needed for export business, etc. (This article was originally created by the logistics line from Guangzhou to Zibo) 2. According to the performance and technology of storage products, each category is set up (1) General warehouse. It is used to store industrial products or agricultural products warehouses that generally do not have special requirements. It accounts for the largest proportion in various foreign trade warehouses. (2) Dedicated warehouse. It is a warehouse dedicated to storing a certain type of goods. In all aspects of maintenance technology, facilities such as sealing, anti-insect, anti-mildew, fire prevention and monitoring have been added accordingly to ensure the quality and safety of special products. (3) Special warehouse. It is used to store commodities with special properties that require special storage equipment, generally referring to chemical dangerous goods, corrosive goods, petroleum, and some pharmaceutical products. This type of warehouse is equipped with special facilities. Such as cold storage, heat preservation warehouse, dangerous goods warehouse, etc. 3. According to the warehouse management system (1) self-use warehouse. This type of warehouse belongs to the management of various import and export professional companies. (2) Public warehouse. Such warehouses are operated and managed by foreign trade transportation companies and serve the commodity circulation of various import and export companies. (3) Bonded warehouse. Bonded warehouses are warehouses dedicated to the storage of commodities for which import duties have not yet been paid in accordance with relevant laws and regulations on import and export trade, and are supervised and managed by the customs. 4. According to the different classifications of warehouse functions. According to different warehouse functions, it can usually be divided into four categories: storage-centric warehouses with storage as the focus; processing warehouses with processing as the focus; distribution-centric warehouses with international transportation as the focus ; An international logistics center that combines the above three purposes. This article is from 818 reprinted please keep
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