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International Express Notice (Chinese) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-12
International express notice (medium): 2018-06-29 17:36:00 2. The following items are rejected: currency, cashier’s check, money order, cheque, bonds, flammable and explosive materials, arms, weapons, corrosives, Liquid, powder, fresh items, optical discs, a small amount of discs can go, magnetic discs, religious and political propaganda, obscene and pornographic materials, tobacco and alcohol, antique cultural relics, jewelry and precious metals, auto parts, imitation brand names Or infringing property items, drugs, slate with a thickness of more than three centimeters, CPU, hard disk, lighter, food. (EMS can send food) 3. Things to pay attention to when sending 1. When sending an international express, you must provide a Chinese and English commercial invoice (INVOICE), and the packing list (PACKINGLIST) product name, quantity, value must be clear, can not be written as samples, clothing, gifts, cloth samples, test products, parts, articles, boxes, toys, electronic parts, tool samples, Shoes samples, glove samples, goods samples, and plastic products, these terms are easy to deduct, it is best to indicate which aspect is used, if the value of the product is not provided by the customer, we will roughly evaluate it, which is likely to cause high tariffs or delays in customs clearance. Or deduction. 2. When sending a DHL express, you cannot change the order. If you want to change the order, you must discuss it with the customer, because some customers have already given the order number to the customer. Sometimes the receiving customer will receive the order according to the order number. It will be rejected. If the customer sends two express mails with the same address and different recipients at the same time or on the same day, but writes two copies, the two tickets can not be combined into one ticket, and disputes are likely to occur. If the customer wants two tracking numbers and Two signers are in trouble. If the two pieces of foreign goods are wrong with each other, the customer must send each other, and the responsible party will bear the cost. The solution: bring 2 large pens when receiving the parcel, and one for the customer. For your own use, ask the customer to write the order number and the country name and the number of pieces (a few fractions) on the spot every time you receive the package to avoid sending the wrong place. It is easy to die and the customer cannot be compensated. Many countries have remote surcharges Yes, it is a normal phenomenon and can be verified on the DHL website. It is necessary to explain clearly to the customer. 3. American bulk goods are sometimes deducted. The customs requires the customer to provide the tax number. The customer who causes the loss due to the customer or the customs shall be responsible for the declaration. Marble is easy to break when delivered abroad. First declare that it will not be compensated if it is broken; aluminum products are easy to deform and prone to disputes, and you must first declare that the deformation will not be compensated. Try not to receive fragile and breakable products, or divide the responsibility before receiving the goods, and you will not be compensated if the circuit board is broken. Packed, international parts must be packed in cartons, not cloth bags, woven bags, or large plastic bags, otherwise DHL will not accept the goods. 4. The wooden box packaging for express delivery to foreign countries cannot be logs, and the logs must have pesticidal certificates. , Or switch to deck packaging (note: the deck must have been insect-killed). 5. Destinations in India, Vietnam and other countries have high tariffs, so you must first communicate with the customer to avoid the customer's refusal to pay tariffs and freight and no goods. 6 , Brand-name products must have an authorization letter, and the customs will be confiscated and fined.
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