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International transport of goods packaging considerations ( A)

by:CNS     2020-05-25
Packaging is a very important factor affecting the quality of transport, it can be done by shipper themselves, also can entrust a professional packaging company. Packaging material of choice depends on the goods quality, the purpose is to make the goods safety protection and support. Commonly used a wooden boxes, cartons, etc. Different countries on the cases of different requirements, some countries and regions of the cases is the requirement of fumigation. Piano, ceramics, handicraft overweight or valuable items please packed in wooden cases. The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, in logs, or not processed timber packing has strict rules, must be in the original exporter for fumigation, and show me admit fumigation certificate, importing countries can accept the goods. Otherwise, the fine or the goods back to the original exporter. European coniferous wooden packaging rules, when import the goods must have the original exporter and quarantine show: no proof of insect pests. Don't have to do the fumigation after processing of wooden furniture.
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