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Invoicing and charging operations for LTL transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-03
Invoicing and charging operations of LTL transportation 2021-06-20 08:56:00 Invoicing and charging operations of LTL transportation are carried out according to the LTL personnel and warehouse custodians signed after the receipt of the LTL cargo consignment. The invoicing and charging link includes the following operations. 1. The calculation of freight LTL transportation charges include freight and other miscellaneous charges, and the calculation of freight must include the calculation of freight and miscellaneous charges. There are established calculation formulas for the calculation of freight, which can be applied in the calculation. As for the miscellaneous expenses of LTL transportation, there are the following items. 1) Ferry fee. If less-than-carload transport vehicles need to operate in transition, the ferry fee will be collected by the departure station. 2) Label fee. 3) Identification fee. 4) Combined transport service fee. Through the combined transportation of more than two means of transportation and the inter-provincial (city) road combined transportation, the combined transportation service fee shall be checked and collected. 5) Subcontracting fees for transit. The costs of loading and unloading, handling, warehousing, packing and packing services in intermodal transportation shall be fully contracted, and the shipping station shall be checked and collected at one time. 6) Refund fee. After accepting the carriage, the owner requests to return the shipment, and the incurred labor costs and the printing cost of the consumption ticket shall be charged according to the regulations. 7) Storage fee. 8) Express delivery fee. The express delivery shall be handled at the request of the owner of the goods and the express delivery fee shall be charged. 9) Insured (insurance) fees. Carry out price-insured transportation for valuables, and formulate charging standards based on a percentage of the value of the goods. 2. Revenue report and revenue review The revenue personnel have to finish their work every day, and must check the cumulative amount of revenue and the amount of cash and cheques received in the invoice verification on that day.
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