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Iran's customs regulation, you don't know will send the goods, may be goods two empty!

by:CNS     2020-08-18
Iran's customs regulation, you don't know will send the goods, may be goods two empty! Iran's government unveiled a new policy, list of items that will be banned from import in the previous 1530 increased by 120. Last year, the Iranian government banned the import of 1339 items. The banned imports were divided into & other; The fourth class & throughout; Products, belong to & other; Discretionary & throughout; And can be & other; Independent production & throughout; 。 Air cargo in May this year, Iranian media reported that Iran's industrial trade minister lage mani in the May 16, told a conference of this year would ban imports of clothing and household appliances. He said: & other; In the country can produce goods should not be imported, our imports fell by 22% for the last fiscal year, this year we will continue to ban on 142 kinds of goods. ” Banned the import of 10 types of commodities include: 1, clothing, textiles, kitchen supplies, labor supplies, 3 4 2, real estate items 5 6, automobile, shoes, bags and leather goods, cosmetics 8, 7 part of production machinery and equipment in 9, 10 dairy products and food, furniture, wood products. Trade, industrial and mining, vice minister of phosphite talabani said: & other; Currently imports would be limited to two goods: necessity is directly related to people's food and of raw materials for manufacturing enterprises, machinery parts and equipment & other; 。 According to the report, although some are not allowed to import product, but the basic goods import is still growing rapidly. Iran's ports, and the international maritime organization officials said Mr Dean, according to the latest figures in the first five months of the current fiscal year, Iran port imported 11 million tons of supplies, increased by 67% than the same period last year. As the resumption of the most severe economic sanctions on Iran, China's foreign trade enterprises to export Iran must pay attention! Iran's special regulations special remind! On trading with Iran's foreign trade friends need to pay attention to. Iranian customs for imported goods from China has a regulation: rules to remind: Iranian importers ( Displayed on the import license of import company information) Supplier must be in the name of the bank through a bank to pay the payment, and complete the import customs clearance in the name of Iran, and then provide payment proof of importers to Iran customs. If you use the trade agent import from Iran. It will take through the trade company account pay the purchase price, and provide evidence to the customs. In the United States and European Union sanctions against Iran, export trade with Iran also became active. Before sanctions because Iran is rich in oil, is actually a very rich country. Sanctions is cancelled now, Iran will speed up its oil exports, will soon accumulate wealth. Due to years of sanctions and supply shortage, Iran's imports will very prosperous, and because of China's traditional friendly relations with Iran, China products cost-effective. Iran on imported Chinese products with traditional reputation, so in the face of depressed situation of foreign trade, exports to Iran will grow.
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