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Marine cargo insurance? Out how to claim?

by:CNS     2020-04-06
Shipping freight insurance common problems the insurance amount of cargo transportation insurance adopts fixed value insurance method, by both the parties to a contract for the actual value of insurance goods agreed beforehand, as a basis for the insurance amount, stated in the policy, make sure the value usually use the following two criteria: 1. Destination so-called destination cost price refers to the purchase price (cost price Including the delivery fare or DiaoBoJia) And to reach the destination of all freight, packing, insurance and taxes and other fees. 2. Destination market price of the so-called destination market sales price refers to the arrival of the goods at the destination, is also the destination of the actual cost price plus legal profits. How to deal with be or get out of danger after be or get out of danger, it is to point to to the policy effective period, in the insurance contract within the scope of insurance liability insurance accident. 1. Check risks ( Especially when property insurance accident) The insured shall have the duty to rescue them, 'insurance law' regulation: 'the insurance accident happens, insurant is responsible to take the necessary measures to prevent or reduce the loss. 'If fails to perform the duty of the insurance company can claim rejection. 2. Protect the scene, after insurance accident happens, without the consent of the underwriter survey, nuclear damage or before, the insured or the beneficiary have an obligation to protect the scene of the accident, waiting for the insurer to check to verify the cause of the accident and loss status. 3. Report 'insurance law' regulation for the insured shall have the duty to inform insurance accident. After check insurance, policy-holder, insurant or beneficiary beneficiary should immediately inform an underwriter, to the insurer in time to send to the site investigation and inspection, and take rescue measures, avoid losses continue to expand. Accident report shall generally be made in written form, can also be oral or phone call first, and then fill the written notice. Be or get out of danger notice generally includes the content of the insured's name, address, insurance policy number, date of be or get out of danger, compensation of reason, projects or damage to personal property damage, the amount of damage to property, etc. 4. Lodge a claim against you, 1) Put forward the claim in addition, according to the provisions of the insurance contract, designated by the insured's beneficiary enjoys the right, the insured has sole resulting therefrom. If the insured to fulfill the obligations, it shall have the right on the policy requires the insurer within the permitted scope of compensation of the loss caused by insurance accident and pay insurance gold. ( 2) Accept the inspection from the underwriter insurer has operated, investigation to verify the cause of the accident and loss status. And the insured shall have the obligation to accept the inspection, the entrusted by the insurer or its other personnel ( The inspection authority such as insurance agent,) Inspection, and provide convenient conditions for the inspection, to ensure that the insurer timely, accurately find out the cause of the accident, confirm the amount of damage and loss, etc. ( 3) Provide the claim documents alleged claim documents which is able to prove that damage the cause of the accident, nature and amount of files. 'Insurance law' provisions of the insured shall have the duty to provide the claim documents and proof materials. ( 4) To collect insurance indemnity or insurance money the insured or the beneficiary to receive the insurance indemnity or insurance money, which it claims the policy may continue to be valid, this depends on the specific circumstances to deal with how to choose the right insurance coverage with the least amount of money for their own goods for conduction, want to consider the risks of how to choose to conform to the actual needs, both save unnecessary spending insurance premium, and can get enough financial security. Therefore, when choosing insurance risks should consider the following elements: 1. Species, properties and characteristics of goods; 2. The packing of the goods. 3. The mode of transportation of the goods, routes, ports and loss of cargo, etc. ; 4. The destination of the goods market price change trend. Specific can consult different cargo insurance should be insured. What is not full specified amount insurance? What the consequences are not full specified amount insurance refers to insurance contract the insured amount is lower than the insured value. For example, a 120000 yuan worth of ordinary santana car, if determine insurance amount according to 80000 yuan, belong to not full specified amount insurance. The consequences of not full specified amount insurance is: after insurance accident happens, the insurance company shall, in accordance with the insurance amount and the proportion of the insured value shall bear the liability for compensation, what is the proportion pay is the double insurance, if I can get more compensation in car insurance, double insurance refers to the same risk for the same car, respectively to two or more insurance companies insured car insurance. Double insurance can only get a compensation. Article 40 of the 'insurance law' regulation: double insurance, the insurance company of the sum of compensation shall not exceed the insured value. So don't for the same car cover more than the same car insurance. Otherwise, there are part of the premium is white, is don't get any compensation when protecting what problem should know the insurance consulting, investigation, comprehensive analysis of the main to do before work, according to own actual situation to choose the appropriate coverage, at least to understand the following questions: to insure the situation of the insurance company; The sales of insurance products; Insurance to be effected products conditions; The insurance liability; Insurance time limit; Insurance premium and insurance amount; Except responsibility, etc.
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