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Maritime knowledge-way of issuing orders (below) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-05
Sea freight knowledge-way of issuing (below): 2018-07-10 15:05:00 (2) Sea waybill is SEA WAYBILL (SWB). The delivery method of the sea waybill is essentially the same as that of telex, and the delivery is based on the certificate of the consignee’s company. The difference is that the sea waybill can also be issued to the customer if necessary. However, the original of the sea waybill is basically a piece of waste paper, because there is no original for delivery, a copy of the original is enough, and even if the word 'DRAFT ONLY' on the DARFT is erased with correction fluid, you can also pick up the goods. Everyone can appreciate the difference between sea waybill and bill of lading. For the shipping company, the difference between the bill of lading and the sea waybill is reflected in the manifest, but the difference in BILL TYPE. If the manifest BILL TYPE received by the shipping company’s port of destination is a bill of lading, then the original bill of lading must be used to release the cargo or telex release. If the manifest BILL TYPE received by the shipping company’s destination port is a sea waybill, then it can be received The identity certificate of the cargo person releases the cargo. Sea waybill is a convenient and quick way to release cargo. It is said that more than 60% of the cabinets on ships shipped to Europe are made by way of sea waybill. But it is also a way of delivering goods with greater risk to the shipping company, because in the case of freight prepayment, the sea freight has not been received at the port of loading, and the goods at the port of destination have been picked up by the consignee. This can explain why some small and medium-sized customers ask shipping companies to do SWB, and they are always scorned by others. General shipping companies have relatively strict control over SWB. What kind of customers go to what ports and what kind of payment methods can be used to do SWB are clearly stipulated. Do you open the door to do business, who is willing to take the risk? (3) The professional name for changing orders is SWITCH BILL, which is actually very common in international trade, but in daily work, it seems that only traders in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Dubai, and Europe and the United States use it handily. Seeing that domestic traders have played, this reflects the status of Chinese enterprises in international trade from one aspect. The exchange order can be simply summarized as 'threeThree-way trade, two bills of lading, one middleman. Three-way trade-two bills of lading for the supplier, the middleman, and the actual buyer-the consignor of the first bill of lading is the supplier and the consignee is the middleman;-the consignor of the second bill of lading is the middleman, and the goods are received People are actual buyers. An intermediary-the entire process of order exchange is controlled by an intermediary; the essence of an order exchange is a small trick used by the intermediary during the issuance of the bill of lading in order to cut off the contact between the actual supplier and the buyer. After the intermediary pays the payment and freight, the first set of bills of lading is obtained from the supplier; the intermediary immediately finds the shipping company to exchange for the second set of bills of lading: the place of exchange for the bill of lading is selected by the intermediary, which can be the place of delivery or the place of receipt , It can also be a third place, anyway, it is usually a place where the middle merchant is more familiar; the consignor of the bill of lading becomes the middleman, and the consignee becomes the real buyer. Whoever holds the bill of lading has the right to the cargo, and he can change it whatever he wants. Of course, the condition is to pay the shipping company's bill of change fee, about USD50. For shipping companies, it is really complicated to change orders. Because it involves changes to the same set of manifests by different OFFICEs, and the time limit for customs clearance of the cabinets at the port, it is very difficult to deal with, so I am basically afraid of avoiding it, and it will be big when I see it.
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